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Our cattery LUNABELLA of Canadian Sphynx and Bambino is glad to greet you on our web-site! We are engaged in breeding such a breed of naked cats as Canadian Sphynx and BAMBINO. Naked cats Canadian Sphynx and Bambino  are one of the rare breeds of cats. If you like everything unusual and exotic, if you love animals and especially cats, than you are on the right site! We can offer to you elite Sphynx and Bambino kittens born from titled parents of the best blood lines of Russia, Europe and USA. We have always kittens of rare and traditional colors in our cattery. On the web-site of our SPHYNX CATTERY you will find a lot of information about kittens and adult Sphynxes; information on care of Canadian Spyinxes and Bambino, on feeding, on the choice of the Sphynx kitten. You will also see many photos of  Sphynxes and Bambino, photos of colored Sphynxes of Points, Minks, chocolate and lilac Sphynxes, odd-eyed white and color Sphynx and you can obtain a kitty of one of these colors. We are glad to see you on our web-site. All admirers of Sphynxes and Bambino are welcome! Your  Sphynx is waiting for you! I hope you enjoy the pictures on my website, and all the information will be useful  for you.                 

About my first meeting with BAMBINO.

When  the first time I have seen BAMBINO in the house of my breeder, I have felt SHOCK. Certainly, I saw cats of breed  Bambino many times at exhibitions on the American systems on rings at judges, but never before I could see this being so close, and especially to touch it with hands.
The naked cat on very short legs with many wrinckles and with huge ears  looks at me  and is going to jump to me on knees. "Really will jump?" - I asked Lena. "It is easy!" - she answers me, and as acknowledgement of words of the breeder, the naked pear-shaped body  appears at me on hands. What is  interesting all evening I  tried but  couldn't get rid of Bambino from the feet.  To get rid  was possible, but it  appeared in my hands again. Loud purring and driving on my knees accompanied our conversation  all evening. And I have understood that  I can not already let out this wonderful cat from the hands.
For my two-year son Bambino is something like the best friend who allows the child to do with itself everything what he  will like. It with pleasure drives with the child a ball on apartment, sleeps with it in its bed opens more widely a mouth when my baby pushes to it a spoon with porridge and together with him  goes to a bathroom to be washed after in common eaten supper.
My CANADIAN SPHINXES (КАНАДСКИЕ СФИНКСЫ)  live in love with Bambino too. The such small sfinkso-child  always  ready to come to the rescue by all on the world. Most of all I enjoy  picture when Bambino with running start rises on hinder legs and starts to caress about a sphinx. Here any CANADIAN SPHINX (КАНАДСКИЙ СФИНКС) will feel shock...

I want to tell thanks to my breeder Lena Chernova for the given possibility to communicate with Bambino  every day, to visit with it exhibitions and to enjoy its presence at the house.



The CANADIAN SPHYNX - the breed of the cats which have won  hearts of thousand of people all over the world. The peak of popularity of breed has coincided with transition of mankind from one millenium in another. Thus  the Sphynx became some kind of time sign.

And  what a secret of special charm of the Canadian sphynx?
I think, in synthesis of skill to communicate of character and the effective appearance combining ultramodern and ancient motives.

The list of advantages of these cats, undoubtedly, opens the unusual not extremely ordinary external shape, which already in itself does by their object of aesthetic appointment (Sphynxes  are very stylish animals and are rather laconically entered in modern interiors).

 Convenience of the maintenance sphynxes in house conditions that is caused is conclusive also not only objective signs of breed - being "naked", they "do not lose" a wool and "do not litter" furniture and clothes, but also subjective personal characteristics which assume natural cleanliness, intelligence and good breeding.

 And still  that allocates the Sphynx from a number of other breeds, lifting it on a step above the colleagues covered with a wool, is their unique character, as if  SPHYNXES already at all cats. I will not be afraid to repeat, having told that together with a wool Sphynxes have lost a part of the cat's independence. Such cat not "walks in itself", and is almost conscious, is like a dog devoted to the person and constantly requires its society.

These qualities do the CANADIAN SPHYNX  irreplaceable in a family where there are children.

For kids the SPHYNX present "nurse". They communicate almost as equals. Tirelessly chase one after another on all fours, somersault, fight, kiss, take away each other toys, frequently without noticing, as get tired, fall asleep together.

 Thus you can not be afraid for health and well-being of your fumes. The CANADIAN SPHYNXES not only are loveful and busily tender, they are completely deprived aggression. Sometimes heart fades at the sight of that children get up with them: lift for ears, for a tail, drive for back on forepaws, draw on one side a pen or a marker, and many other things, on what the tireless children's imagination is capable. And Sphynxes thus only is blissful blink and loudly rumble.

The child scratched or bitten by a sphinx is a nonsense. In breed the CANADIAN SPHYNX is conducted rejection at revealing of individuals with astable mentality.

 The artistic given and fine abilities of the CANADIAN SPHYNXES to training  do interesting dialogue with them children of advanced age. Depending on degree of endowments of both parties, Sphynxes can execute simple commands: to bring subjects, to execute simple tricks, to "talk, open doors, to be on friendly terms with any other pupils, even with potential"extraction"(mice, rats...).

 In certain cases good breeding of these animals borders on intelligence. For any owner of a thoroughbred animal, especially if he is a child or the teenager, the unforgettable time spent with the favourite at an exhibition.

 CANADIAN SPHYNXES very effectively look on a podium, almost any competition does not do without their participation, they habitues Best in Show. On rings they feel, as at home, play, pose, all kind let know that the price to itself know. They easily fascinate the open friendliness judges.

 For the child there can be the present hobby a visiting of exhibitions with their preliminary preparatory efforts and cares, preparation of the pupil and exhibition utensils, training to skills of behaviour and exhibition etiquette...

And how many happiness and pride you can see in children's eyes when its diligence will crown success of its  pets at public and a recognition of its advantages experts!

 Felinology exhibitions is the whole world interesting and grasping where meet not only adults, but also children the general hobbies and cares.

 And one more important quality - the Sphynx is absolutely not vindictive, does not conceal insults and does not revenge. If the child casually or deliberately cause it a pain, be assured, in five minutes the Sphynx again begins to search contact, to stick with the eternal caresses, kisses, songs. It is possible to wish such friend only. He will not deceive, will not betray and always will sincerely love you.

The WOMAN and the SPHYNX

Have passed times of mad general emancipation and today when women have taken a worthy place in the world of business, cultures, sciences and arts, have mastered a political arena and other spheres of social activity, the life of many of them has again turned in a channel of family cares and duties. Today the woman returns itself a rank of the keeper of a home.

And what centre without a cat heated at it?

In our prompt century the concept of a home has in many respects changed. The mankind has surrounded itself with every possible conveniences and luxury. The cat heated at this ultramodern centre has changed also. The true child of a civilisation and urbanism, the heroine of our time is a cat of breed the CANADIAN SPHYNX. Absolutely naked, extreme, extraplanetary shape, with eyes of a fallow deer, with grace древнеегипетских goddesses, grace of a panther, naivety of the child, fidelity of the true friend, aristocraticness of the higher nobility, the cat of breed the CANADIAN SPHYNX became a symbol of 21 centuries. She does not need to muffle up in a fur coat any more is already some kind of "rudiment" which it has rejected  with its inherent nature ease and categoricalness.

Mutual relations of the woman and cat have centuries-old roots. During far times when destiny of the woman was chained to dwelling, the cat brightened up grey primitive routine. In antiquity and the Middle Ages it – always the desired companion and the partner of the woman of any estate, have together worried they and "a witch-hunt" difficult period.

 The cat, with its natural beauty and grace, always personified a feminine. Today the role of a cat has increased in a life of the woman a hundred times. Precipitancy and unpredictability of life have transformed our life into a continuous train of stresses and nervous shocks, the best medicine from which – the CANADIAN SPHYNX.

Each woman finds the Sphynx differently. It can be a casual meeting. At an exhibition. Or on a visit at the girlfriend. Or having hooked from pages of the glossy edition a stare unknown the beings, causing desire to possess something unusual, found, expensive. Someone searches for the dream, laboriously and carefully choosing among set of kittens in professional nurseries. For someone it is a gift (sometimes a surprise, sometimes the treasured desire of the woman guessed by the loved one).

 But, realised or casual, occurrence in the Sphynx house introduces the whole cascade of pleasure and light in a life of the woman. Emotional contact of the woman and the Sphynx is surprising and has a certain magic aura. The Drevneegipetsky Sphynx is a synthesis of a lion (cat) and the woman. In an iconography of Egyptian gods it symbolised itself(himself) eternity, a universe, the sun, primary light. The image of an ancient Sphinx is some kind of a hyperbole of modern mental interaction of the woman and the Sphinx.

Each woman finds the in the Sphynx. For one is a talisman, the keeper of well-being. As well as a mythical sphinx, assigning  at an input in «a house temple», it drives away the power of evil ghosts. For another is a symbol of luxury, an elitism, attribute of well-being. For the woman preferring loneliness is a fine unostentatious companion.  To the lady in age the Sphyinx, with its spontaneity and fidelity, helps to realise  requirement to care. The children have already grown, but the CANADIAN SPHYNX is a real child, with the great pleasure he allows to "bring up" itself (himself), to feed, give to drink, care, and by all means to indulge. It completely accepts conditions of game and gives the love and attachment, demanding nothing in exchange.

 To the woman, wishing to shine, the sphinx from «the higher estate» will approach. With animals of a show class visiting  cats exhibitions becomes the certificate. Numerous titles, prizes and awards,  defining pedigree value of the pupil, transform it from the simple house favourite into object of honouring and envy.

 Many women preferring an active way of life, after a birth of the child become «classical housewives» and through what that time start to feel "out of work". Get tired of monotony and isolation from «the big life». At some fear of dialogue with an external world develops. The CANADIAN SPHYNX, with its ambivalent essence, will replace both a cat and a dog. Will brighten up monotonous everyday life to any housewife, will make a life dynamical and filled. In the house where there lives the Sphinx, is not  boredom and despondency. Its tricks and prank touch and amaze indefinitely.

 The CANADIAN SPHYNX – the irreplaceable assistant to any woman in education of children. For the smallest he is the present nurse, only it is even better: does not abuse, does not punish, and communicates almost as equals; and to play and fool about will not get tired never. Curious and unruly, the Sphynx is always ready to divide any employment with children. Thus safety of the child from bites  and scratches is guaranteed by its genetic inability to aggression!

Elena Chernova, the expert-felinolog,
The owner of cattery GRAND ORAY,