03.01.2016   We have new females from Canada Elf and Dwelf. Thank you Brigitte Michaud cattery Mystiquecats for such wonderful girls.
in detail..
01.05.2015   We have new female BAMBINO JOSER HILARIA!
Thanks Julia for the wonderful Bambino girl from Joser cattery!
12.11.2012   We have a new male from Spain.
Paradais Sphynx Camelot.
12.11.2012   The 3 and the 4 of November our girl canadian sphynx LUNABELLA NOSTALGIE was BEST OF BEST II and BEST OF BEST III on her first Show!
Our congratulations! in detail..
29.12.2011   Our Bambino girl on Show in Japan.
in detail..
15.04.2011   Bambino kittens different colors.
We have Bambino babies different colors. You can see many photos of them. in detail..
28.11.2010   Show WCF club Sozvezdie in our town.
Our harlequin  female Grand Oray Ideality of Brilliant Light was BEST OF BEST III. Our girl Lunabella Rose Bourbon was BEST  JUNIOR. in detail..
06.10.2010   October 02-03 we were on Show in Vladimir town.
Our female imported from America Purrbalds Bonstance la Belle of Lunabella was BEST of BEST II  borth days. And WCF ring  of adult animals II place. Our girls Lunabella Tenderness was BEST KITTEN and Lunabella Nereid Sea Nymph was BEST JUNIOR on show. in detail..
27.09.2010   25-26 September Show in Moscow.
in detail..
04.09.2010   Welcome to our new website!
We are very glad to see You on our new website! Welcome!


Cattery LUNABELLA is not young. It is registered in WCF, in   WCA and has been operating since June 2006. Our Cattery is one of a closed type: in order to avoid different viral infectious diseases our cats are being mated only within the cattery. We can offer to you elite Sphynx kittens, Bambino, Dwelf and Elf kittens born from titled parents of the best blood lines of Russia, Europe, USA. We have kittens of rare (chocolate and lilac) and traditional colors, show and breed quality always in our cattery.

All adults males and females CANADIAN SPHYNX, BAMBINO, DWELF and ELF from our cattery are checked up on FIP (
Feline Infectious Peritonitis), FELV (Feline leukemia virus), FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) and have NEGATIVE results. Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) also NEGATIVE. Dr Komolov A. (Moscow)

From the first days of their lives our kitties are growing up in a family, among our children. They are hedged with care, tenderness and love. We know the temper and peculiarity of our each kitten and can recommend you a nursling, conforming to your expectations.  
We prefer to sell the kittens as home pets and to let only the best of them for breeding.

Numerous awards and wins at different International cat shows WCF & WCA in different cities of Russia warrant High level of animals from our cattery.

Our kitties leave the cattery not earlier than at the age of 12-16 weeks. By this age they are good socialized and ready for life in a new family. All our nestlings go through scheduled vaccination and dehelmintization.

If you have chosen a kit, but it is younger than this age, you can reserve it by leaving bargain money – a part of the kits value in an amount of 30%. If after the reservation you have changed your mind about taking the kit, the bargain money is not being returned.

By purchase of the kit it is necessary to conclude a contract between the Buyer and the Seller (Breeder). Please read a sample of our contract, which we sign with our customers.  Its contest may change depending on the tribal value of the kit. If you have any comments, additions or questions on separate clauses of the contract, please inform us or ask questions.

We give comprehensive support and help to our clients. You can always get recommendations on the breeding, nursing and veterinary nurturing of your kitty.

Caging of the animals is  unacceptable for us!

About the new breed DWELF.

The Dwelf cat is a new breed of miniature cats with mystical features. The Dwelf is an extremely small cat combining the dwelf look of a Bambino and the fairy appearance of the Elf Cat. Interesting fact: Dwelf cats, like Bambino cats, keep the kitten attitude and appearance throughout their lives… The Dwelf cat is perfect for those who are looking for an exotic breed. The T.I.C.A (International Cat Association) has accepted this race in the new breed category. Miniature cats don’t have specific health problems associated with short legs. They are small but not delicate. They are robust and their small size doesn’t cause a problem. They can run, walk, jump like a normal cat. Climbing is not a problem. They will find inventive ways of climbing on your bed, cupboards and of course on your knees and in your arms. Their personalities are so attractive that it is almost impossible not to fall in love with these small dwarves of the cat world.

The Elf Cat (ferry cat) is introduced as a Sphinx with different characteristics. This new variety’s specificity is the curved ears. It is born from a deliberate mix of the Sphinx and the American Curl. Result: a naked cat with curved ears. It is a very interesting result as it creates a unique appearance!! When they are bred, there is no danger to the health or well-being of the Elf Cat.
Overall, Elf Cat are healthy and free from genetic weaknesses.
The Elf cat is accepted by T.I.C.A. (recognized internationally). They are recognized, in exhibition, as Sphinx with new features. This race was established in 2007 in the United States.
They are still very rare in Quebec but interest and excitement growing around this new breed of the Sphinx with this new look is international!!!
The Sphinx cat and the Elf cat share the same physical characteristics combined with the curved ears gene.
Elf Cat are bred to ensure the best qualities of the breed. They are intelligent, friendly, sociable and very affectionate. They are very active but gentle. Elves will prosper with human attention.
They need a lot of love and your arms to cuddle them...
The Sphinx is characterized by a mutation that inhibits hair growth.
The Sphinx is not a genetic manipulation, but a natural mutation caused by the presence of a gene called “hereditary alopecia” or “hypotricosis congenital”. Therefore, both parents have to possess that gene.
We see the first breeding of the Sphinx in 1966 in Ontario, Canada when Elizabeth, a female street cat gave birth to a naked kitten baptised Prune. That obviously sparked interest.
Almost without hair, these cats don’t deal well with extreme temperature.(With other cats, fur has a very important role in maintaining body temperature and ensures protection against both cold and heat. There are a few precautions to take.
The Sphinx is obviously more an indoor cat. The sphinx is at its most comfortable in a warm and cozy atmosphere. The outside world and all its dangers justifies keeping your cat in a more secure environment.
Contrary to popular belief the Sphinx is not a fragile cat. Is life span is the same as other cats.
With is troubling and mysterious look we can only but admire it. Very affectionate it is an excellent companion. Whoever has lived with a Sphinx will vouch for the sincerity and affection of these cats.


Come and discover this prodigious Breed!!!