03.01.2016   We have new females from Canada Elf and Dwelf. Thank you Brigitte Michaud cattery Mystiquecats for such wonderful girls.
in detail..
01.05.2015   We have new female BAMBINO JOSER HILARIA!
Thanks Julia for the wonderful Bambino girl from Joser cattery!
12.11.2012   We have a new male from Spain.
Paradais Sphynx Camelot.
12.11.2012   The 3 and the 4 of November our girl canadian sphynx LUNABELLA NOSTALGIE was BEST OF BEST II and BEST OF BEST III on her first Show!
Our congratulations! in detail..
29.12.2011   Our Bambino girl on Show in Japan.
in detail..
15.04.2011   Bambino kittens different colors.
We have Bambino babies different colors. You can see many photos of them. in detail..
28.11.2010   Show WCF club Sozvezdie in our town.
Our harlequin  female Grand Oray Ideality of Brilliant Light was BEST OF BEST III. Our girl Lunabella Rose Bourbon was BEST  JUNIOR. in detail..
06.10.2010   October 02-03 we were on Show in Vladimir town.
Our female imported from America Purrbalds Bonstance la Belle of Lunabella was BEST of BEST II  borth days. And WCF ring  of adult animals II place. Our girls Lunabella Tenderness was BEST KITTEN and Lunabella Nereid Sea Nymph was BEST JUNIOR on show. in detail..
27.09.2010   25-26 September Show in Moscow.
in detail..
04.09.2010   Welcome to our new website!
We are very glad to see You on our new website! Welcome!

About new breed DWELF.

The Dwelf cat is a new breed of miniature cats with mystical features. The Dwelf is an extremely small cat combining the dwelf look of a Bambino and the fairy appearance of the Elf Cat. Interesting fact: Dwelf cats, like Bambino cats, keep the kitten attitude and appearance throughout their lives… The Dwelf cat is perfect for those who are looking for an exotic breed. The T.I.C.A (International Cat Association) has accepted this race in the new breed category. Miniature cats don’t have specific health problems associated with short legs. They are small but not delicate. They are robust and their small size doesn’t cause a problem. They can run, walk, jump like a normal cat. Climbing is not a problem. They will find inventive ways of climbing on your bed, cupboards and of course on your knees and in your arms. Their personalities are so attractive that it is almost impossible not to fall in love with these small dwarves of the cat world.

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